Set up delivery area by using Delivery K app

Dear valued partner,

Setting up the Delivery area and delivery fee not only helps you optimize the delivery process but also creates a better experience for you in tracking and managing orders.

This is how to set up Delivery area and delivery fee on Delivery K App

Step 1: Choose “Information” at the bottom of the App, Click Manage My Store > Store Management

Step 1

Step 2: Click Delivery Area and choose Area template in “Select area template”

Click Delivery Area
Select area

**Note: Delivery area that is too large may lead to delay or cancel order.

Step 3: Choose “Delivery type”. Currently on the app there are 4 main delivery type, including: App (Use app data to calculate shipping fees, and the store proactively delivers), Lalamove, Grab and Chat. The “Door Step” option is for stores with door-to-door delivery capability.

Step 3

Step 4: Set delivery fee using the formula: Basic delivery charge + Extra charge per KM.

For example:

2 km: 10,000VND

2-3 km: 15,000VND

3-4 km: 20,000VND

3km or more: 20,000VND (Because the maximum delivery fee is set at 20,000VND)

Step 4

In addition, Partners can set a Minimum Order and Orders with free shipping in “Other setting” >  “Minimum” and “Free delivery amount”

Click the ‘Additional’ button to add another delivery zone.

**Note: When setting the Minimum Order, the Store will not receive orders with a value lower than the Minimum Order.

Thank you!

Delivery K!

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