Standards for displaying store list

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Below is the order of store lists and standards for displaying store lists on Delivery K app:

1. The order of store lists:

There are 4 store lists displayed in order:

Premium store > Store with good response rates > Partner stores > General store

2. Standards for displaying store lists on Delivery K app:

Premium store: Stores purchased Premium store advertisement packages.

Store with good response rates: Every Monday, the system will check the store’s response time from when the order is generated to order is confirmed. The store has an average response speed below 2 minutes to get to Store with good response rates. In the list of Store with good response rates, stores with online payment function will be given priority to display above.

Partner stores: Every Monday at 2:00 a.m, the store will become a Partner store. However, during that week, if the store’s Delivery available store button was turned off 3 times due to not receiving orders, the store immediately dropped into General store. The next week, the store will still return to the Partner store and is not demoted to General store even though the store has turned off the Delivery available store button more than 3 times, not because of not accepting orders.

Note: When a new store joins our app for the first time, it will be labeled Partner store and Try something new for two weeks – Only applicable to stores that can deliver.

General store: Includes the stores dropped off from Partner stores, stores are on break-time, stores are open but can not deliver,…

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